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Real Estate search results: Leasehold nepremičnin Kranj.

Leasehold: Business premiseWarehouse, Workshop, Combined place
2.000 sqm, business premise, workshop, warehouse, combined place, we lease.
2.000,00 sqm
Central RE d.o.o., PE LJUBLJANA

Leasehold: ApartmentSingle room
apartment, single room, we lease. Price: up to 300,00 EUR/month

300,00 €/month Zasebna ponudba

Leasehold: Apartment4 rooms
apartment, 4 rooms, we lease. Price: up to ca. 1.000,00 EUR/month

1.000,00 €/month Fesst nepremičnine d.o.o.

Leasehold: House
house, we lease.

Zasebna ponudba

Leasehold: ApartmentnewOne room, 1,5 rooms
apartment, one room, 1,5 rooms, we lease. Price: up to ca. 500,00 EUR/month

500,00 €/month Zasebna ponudba

Leasehold: Apartment2 rooms, 2,5 rooms
60 sqm, apartment, 2 rooms, 2,5 rooms, we lease.
60,00 sqm

Leasehold: LandFarm
30.000 sqm, land, farm, wood, we lease. Price: 1.000,00 EUR/month
30.000,00 sqm
1.000,00 €/month Agent 3091 d.o.o.

Leasehold: Apartment1,5 rooms, One room, 2 rooms
40 sqm, apartment, one room, 1,5 rooms, 2 rooms, we lease. Price: 250,00 EUR
40,00 sqm
250,00 € MP PROJEKT d.o.o.

Leasehold: Cottage houseResidential
Floor: K+P+MLand: 500 sqm
80 sqm, cottage house, residential, 500 sqm of land, , we lease. Price: ca. 350,00 EUR/month
80,00 sqm
350,00 €/month Zasebna ponudba

Leasehold: Land
100 sqm, land, we lease.
100,00 sqm
Zasebna ponudba

Leasehold: Apartment2 rooms, 3 rooms
apartment, 2 rooms, 3 rooms, we lease.

Nepremičnina posredovanje d.o.o.

Leasehold: HouseDetached, Terraced, Atrium, Semi-detached, Two family house, Triplex
house, detached, terraced, atrium, semi-detached, two family house, triplex, we lease. Price: ca. 500,00 EUR/month

500,00 €/month Nepremičnina posredovanje d.o.o.

Leasehold: Business premiseOffice, Warehouse, Workshop, Others, Services, business complex, Combined place
800 sqm, business premise, office, services, workshop, warehouse, combined place, business complex, we lease.
800,00 sqm