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For sale, land, agricultural plot: ZGORNJE GAMELJNE, 13029 sqm

1.580.080,00 €Loan calculator
Loan calculatorType of offer: For sale | Type of property: Land | Region: LJ-city | Reg. subunit: Lj. Šiška | Commune: Ljubljana
ZGORNJE GAMELJNE, 13.029 sqm, land, agricultural plot, for sale. Price: 1.580.080,00 EUR


The real estate consists of several plots of different purpose in the Upper Gameljne:

  • lot 1 (plots 1749-255 / 1, 1749-255 / 2, 1749-255 / 3) :: land for residential construction 7,753 m2 - 1,065,200 EUR
  • lot 3 (plots 1749-301 / 0 (ownership share 2509/10177) and 1749-302 / 0): agricultural and forest land 2,988 m2 - 29,880 EUR
  • lot 5 (plot 1749-304 / 2): land for residential construction 2,288 m2 - 485,000 EUR

Part of the building land is located behind the old factory Rasica. The rest of the land is west or north-west.

Land does not constitute a complete whole.

Adoption of the OPPN is prevalent for the area. It is possible to purchase individual lots.

Take this opportunity to invest in one of the most attractive land plots in Ljubljana suitable for residential development or use in agriculture

The real estate assets entail a set of five land plots with a total surface area of 13,029 m2. Two sets of plots with a total floor area of 10,041 m2 are intended for residential development, and a Municipal Detailed Zoning Plan is pending for the Velike Gameljne area. Under the Municipal Detailed Zoning Plan, the area is zoned for either a detached or semi-detached residential development. Building factor 40%, height of buildings up to 11m. Other land plots are zoned as agricultural plots. The properties are available for sale as individual units.

Ideal balance between unspoiled nature and urban comforts

  • All of its features give this land high market potential. Surrounded by meadows and forests, it lies just a stone’s throw from the Šmartno motorway exit, in the Zgornje Gameljne area.
  • Zgornje Gameljne, where the properties are located, is an ideal spot for all those seeking the right balance between urban living and being close to nature.
  • There is wonderful nature in the immediate surroundings, which creates a peaceful ambience and offers numerous opportunities for relaxation and recreation (Šmarna gora, Grmada, Rašiški hrib, etc.).

Ljubljana is one of the fastest-growing European capitals
Ljubljana is the capital and Slovenia’s largest city with a population of nearly 300,000. It is particularly known for its rich history, its lively city bustle, its excellent mix of urban and green zones, and a high standard of living. In recent years, Ljubljana has become a popular tourist destination. The city hosts over 40,000 companies, which generate over 25% of Slovenia’s GDP. It also has many high-profile academic, research and cultural institutions. The level of education, employment potential, average salaries and development options are significantly higher than the Slovenian average. Ljubljana has an excellent strategic position. It sits at the junction of main transit corridors connecting Northern and Western Europe to Eastern Europe and the Balkan region. (source: www.stat.si, www.ljubljana.si)

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