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For sale, business premise, business complex: VELENJE, 4144 sqm

1.980.000,00 €Loan calculator
Type of offer: For sale | Type of property: Business premise | Region: Savinjska | Reg. subunit: Velenje | Commune: Velenje
VELENJE, 4.144 sqm, business premise, business complex, constructed in 2005, 1.577 sqm of land, for sale. Price: 1.980.000,00 EUR


For Sale: commercial part of the shopping center and cartilage
The Center Nova shopping center has a total net floor area of 4,144 m², with a basement, ground floor, and two upper floors. The total land plot has a total floor area of 1,577 m².
BAMC is selling 60.86% of the building and land plot, which includes sections of the basement, ground floor, and the 2nd floor.
The 1st floor is the property of the Velenje Municipality.

Easily accessible and well-frequented location
The Center Nova shopping center is located in the business and commercial district of Velenje. The shopping center stands along the main road leading into the city, near the city’s main bus terminal. Directly nearby are Spar and Mercator stores, banks and other businesses, all contributing to the lively beat of the micro-location.
Center Nova also hosts the Velenje Library, which takes up the entire 1st floor of the building. Due to the library being located there and thanks to a large number of cultural events organized by the library (together with the tenants), the shopping center is popular among the local population and highly frequented.

A modern, well-maintained facility with dynamic layouts

  • The Center Nova facility was constructed in 2005.
  • It holds a total of 41 individual premises ranging between 10 and 400 m².
  • The architectural design features bright rooms, large exhibition windows and allows for a variety of public events.
  • The floors connect the personal and freight elevator and the interior and exterior staircase.
  • Parking spots for visitors are available in front of the facility.
  • The facility is well-maintained and is in excellent condition.

A popular shopping center leased out to a significant number of tenants
Two-thirds of the premises are currently under lease. Thanks to for the good rent revenue, the constant demand for leasing premises at the location, as well as a steady influx of visitors, shopping center represents an excellent opportunity for investors. 

The listed price does not include 22% VAT.

Interested in buying or leasing property?
We invite you to call or e-mail the real estate agent mentioned in the listing. We will be happy to provide answers to your inquiries and schedule a viewing, as well as provide you with detailed information for purchase or lease.

Additional information

Up for sale are shops and bars located in the commercial business center "NOVA", in the center of Velenje, just off the main access road to the town. The shopping center is situated in a predominantly commercial part of the city, in the immediate vicinity of Spar, Mercator and a larger garage. The shopping center consists of a B+ GF+ 1F+ M. The floors are connected via external elevator and stairway. Currently (2015-2016) 2/3 of the bars and stores in the shopping centar are rented out. The premises vary in size from 10 to 400 m2. Total net floor area of the shopping center is 4.144 m2. Parking space for visitors is provided in front of the shopping center. Overall the center is well maintained and in excellent condition.

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