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For sale, holiday home, house: OPATIJA, 2374 sqm

5.950.000,00 €Loan calculator
Loan calculatorType of offer: For sale | Type of property: Holiday home | Region: Primorsko-goranska | Reg. subunit: All | Commune: Opatija
OPATIJA, 2.374 sqm, holiday home, house, constructed in 1890, renovated 2001, 1.302 sqm of land, for sale. Price: 5.950.000,00 EUR


The listed villa in the historicist style is located in the center of the seaside resort of Opatija, slightly removed from the main road and only about a 5-minute walk from the coast.

The building has 6 floors, the basement and ground floor are currently intended for commercial use (1,347 m2), the other floors are residential (1,026 m2).

Due to the configuration of the terrain, the greater part of the basement floor is dug in, part of it is at ground level. The floor plan shows many small rooms (31), which in nature are only separated by glass walls.

The ground floor is accessible via the main staircase from the south side and via the main entrance on the north side of the building. The central space consists of a hall, which reaches over 3 floors in height, with galleries and side rooms. The basement and ground floor were completely restored years ago. At that time, the building was designed as a shopping center (K+P) with smaller boutique shops (hence small individual parts of the building). The shopping center was opened between 2004 and 2007, since then the building has been empty.

The residential part has a separate entrance from the east side and its own staircase. It comprises a total of 12 residential units that require thorough renovation.

A unique investment opportunity

The villa is located in an area with predominant residential use (designation M1) and with the possibility of additional construction M1.1 (permitted construction of residential, commercial-apartment, multi-apartment, public and social buildings and a hotel), which offers the future owner enormous opportunities for profitable development.
To the west of the building is a municipal paid parking lot, which the municipality intends to completely demolish and build a new garage facility (as a public-private partnership), so the investor is offered the possibility of market development of the villa together with the garage building.
Due to its visibility, recognition and exclusive location, Villa Operetta can easily integrate into the competitive tourist and hospitality market in Opatija.
The price does not include the corresponding tax.

Opatija - the pearl of Kvarner

Opatija, with its rich history and culture, also fascinates with first-class hotels or congress centers, beautifully landscaped parks, wellness centers for rest and relaxation, and endlessly helpful staff who spoil you with many gourmet specialties and first-class wines.

As the former elite wellness center of the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy, Opatija has hosted distinguished visitors from its beginnings as a tourist destination, from princesses to kings, and nowadays influential businessmen and celebrities like to visit Opatija.

The price does not include the corresponding tax.

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