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For sale, holiday home, others: HOČKO POHORJE, 34.38 sqm

Asking price: 45.900,00 €Loan calculator
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Loan calculatorType of offer: For sale | Type of property: Holiday home | Region: Podravska | Reg. subunit: Maribor | Commune: Hoče - Slivnica
HOČKO POHORJE, 34,38 sqm, holiday home, constructed in 2000, for sale. Asking price: 45.900,00 EUR
Auction date: 17.11.2023 at 10:00



Tender elements:

  • application deadline: November 14, 2023 at 11:59:59 p.m.,
  • deadline for the payment of the deposit until: 14 November 2023,
  • deposit payment visible on the seller's account until: 15 November 2023,
  • auction date: 17 November 2023 at 10 a.m.,
  • asking price: EUR 45,900.00, without the corresponding tax which is paid by buyer,
  • deposit: EUR 3,000.00,
  • bidding step: EUR 1,000.00,
  • registration for the e-auction https://sdh.edrazbe.si/.

Real estate with the ID sign part of the building 699-765-13 (ID 5513352) measuring 34.38 m2. In the tourist resort of Bolfenk, we are selling the reception area measuring 34.38 m2, which is located on the ground floor of apartment house B2. It is a multi-apartment building in the tourist resort of Bolfenk, which is located at approx. 1050 m above sea level. According to the floor plan, the building has 13 residential units and 1 non-residential unit. The property has a separate entrance from the direction of the common parking lot, which is on the south side.

The listed price does not include VAT. The property is sold "as is" clause.


SDH informs customers that it reserves the right to not select any bidder in the sales process, i.e. it is not obliged to conclude a sales agreement with any bidder for the subject of an agreement or enter into any other legal relationship, even if a bid is equal to the informative (selling) price or higher. For the sale of the subject of an agreement, the SDH may also announce a public or electronic auction, publish a call for the submission of binding bids or conduct additional negotiations with bidders who submit similar bids. Additional information is available at the link below: https://nepremicnine.sdh.si/en/Instructions/How_to_buy_properties_fromSDH/

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SDH, d.d.
Mala ulica 5
1000 Ljubljana
tel.: +386 40 977 235 Edo Bečić

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Property location

Statistični podatki o občini Hoče - Slivnica
*Point shown on the map may slightly differ from the actual location of the property.

SDH, d.d.

Mala ulica 5
1000 Ljubljana

+386 40 977 235 Edo Bečić

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