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For sale, business premise, combined place: BAKOVCI, 21000 sqm

4.350.000,00 €Loan calculator
Loan calculatorType of offer: For sale | Type of property: Business premise | Region: Pomurska | Reg. subunit: Murska Sobota | Commune: Murska Sobota
BAKOVCI, 21.000 sqm, business premise, combined place, constructed in 1970, 120.602 sqm of land, for sale. Price: 4.350.000,00 EUR


Production and storage facilities in a great location near  the motorway.

The production and storage complex is located at Panonska ulica 11, Murska Sobota. The property is characterized by a great location near the Budapest-Maribor-Vienna motorway. The production and storage facilities were built specifically for the needs of the meat-processing industry, including a slaughterhouse and stables for livestock with canning facilities. The complex was constructed in the 1970s and was gradually being upgraded. The total net floor area of ​​the buildings is 21,000 m2, with on 120,602 m2 of land.

It is possible to buy the whole complex or individual sales lots.

Sales lots:

Unit A: An administrative building with a slaughterhouse and accompanying facilities
Land registry ID: 105 3879/9, 3879/10, 105 3879/11, 105 3879/26

Unit B: Section Conservation - SOLD
Land registry ID: 105 3879/19, 105 3879/39

Unit C: Section Sausages - SOLD
Land registry ID: 105 3879/36, 105 3879/38

Unit D: Freezer with compressor station (ownership up to ¼) - SOLD
Land registry ID: 105 3879/23 to 1/4, 105 3879/24 to 1/4

Unit E: Warehouse  - SOLD
Land registry ID: 105 3879/13, 105 3879/14, 105 3879/44, 105 3879/45

Unit F: Land 1
Land registry ID: 105 3879/12

Land registry ID: 105 3879/5 to 1/3

Unit H: Land 3
Land registry ID: 105 3876
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DUTB, d.d.

Davčna ulica 1
1000 Ljubljana

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